Nurture & Heal: Care for Ethnic Skin


If asked, just about all women with brown skin would agree that good physical health and mental health are essential for a satisfied, fulfilled and happy life. Although we may strive for wellbeing, many of us fall short of this goal. Many aspects of everyday life stand in our way of achieving the wellbeing that we all need and deserve. Click here for more information.


WELL ROUNDED FITNESS ROUTINE, By Benita Perkins, I don’t know if you’ve heard the latest, but according to the medical industry, the government and pretty much all higher authorities, exercising is crucial to sustaining a good quality of life for a long time.  The other lesser know fact is that exercise is an important ingredient in the fountain of youth. Click here for more information.

Ethnic Skin Care & Health

There are four essential components to maintaining healthy brown skin: Knowledge, Self-examination,
Nurturing. Once you understand the essential components for healthy skin, you will be well equipped to take care of your skin. Click here for more information.

Hair Health

Whereas women with brown skin who are from different racial and ethnic backgrounds have many of the same skin care concerns, their hair concerns vary greatly. Women of African, Asian and Latina descent have many different types of hair with different hair care needs and hair problems. Click here for more information.

Nail Health

For women with brown skin, nails are one symbol of beauty and individuality--whether you have naturally long nails with airbrushed designs, extra-long and brightly polished acrylic nails, or shorter nails with a French manicure. It is important to realize that your nails are a living part of your body and they require care. Click here for more information.

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What is Brown Skin? is an educational site for individuals with skin of color. Whether your ethnicity and skin care needs are related to your Asian skin care, Latina skin care, African American skin care, Black skin care, or Indian skin care, this site is meant for you. covers topics related to skin care conditions from Acne to Hair Loss to Skin Cancer. The site contains skin care tips and advice designed to help individuals with skin of color understand their skin type.


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