Unique Brown Skin

Although brown skin is diverse, its unique characteristics bind us together as women of color. The distinctions between brown skin and Caucasian skin are numerous. Characteristics unique to brown skin include:

  • More melanin, or brown skin pigment, resulting in a warmer skin shade
  • Greater natural protection from the sun and lower risk of skin cancer
  • Fewer visible signs of aging, such as deep wrinkles, fine lines and sun spots
  • Potential problems with pigmentation, or uneven darkening or lightening of skin color
  • Greater risk of keloid (raised, often large scars) development
  • Problems with hair growth and ingrown hairs

Women with brown skin, whatever their racial or ethnic origin, understand one another's challenges. Whether we call the discolorations blemishes or descoloracions, or Mecheta, we all know that it will take months or years to fade.

We each know how socially devastating it is to lose the pigmentation in our skin (which is called vitiligo or Mal del Pinto.) It may prevent us from interacting with others and sadly, in some countries, effects our ability to marry.

These common experiences bind us together in unity.


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